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Is there a FastPack Collapsible Tail Bag for my Kawasaki Ninja 300?

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Do you have a Kawasaki Ninja 300?  Have you ever wondered why we don't list a FastPack Tail Bag for your bike?  Well here's the story behind that.

In 2013 we designed the FastPack size 7, with the Ninja 300 in mind, along with a couple other bikes. We did a test fit (see picture) and listed the Ninja 300 as an application. It wasn't easy to get the seat re-attached with the FastPack on, but it could be done. The passenger seat on the Ninja 300 fits tighter to the bodywork than other bikes, which makes it difficult to install a FastPack on that particular bike. We even went so far as to write a set of special instructions for the FastPack 7, describing how installation could be made easier if you held the front and rear stretchy fabric away from the seat as you clicked the seat back onto the bike.  But after releasing the product, we got a couple of complaints from Ninja 300 owners saying they couldn't get the FastPack onto their bike. So we removed the Ninja 300 from our application list.

If you want to give a FastPack 7 a try on your bike, and decide it's just too difficult to install, you are welcome to return it to us for a refund, as long as it isn't damaged.  And if you have any questions about installing a FastPack on your Ninja 300 or any other motorcycle, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Regards, Tim