Motorcycle Jackets


Best Places to Buy Online

#1 -

It is well known that Fort Nine is the go-to for anything motorcycle in Canada. With a massive in-stock jacket inventory you're sure to find the perfect match at a great price. They have fast shipping and use real reviews on their website for their products.

#2 - Blackfoot Online

Based out of Calgary, Alberta - this online store is fully stocked and has an excellent website for easy shopping. Shipping out of Western Canada on in-stock items is always a plus as far as delivery time goes.

#3 - GP Bikes

Based out of Ontario, this company has a solid assortment of in-stock gear with free shipping options for qualified orders within Canada.

#4 -

Known for carrying an assortment of leather or leather-like products - they sell a wide assortment of gear. Reviews online are mixed so it is worth doing some due diligence but their prices and selection are top tier.

#5 - Kimpex Canada

Kimpex carries a small selection of jackets with free delivery options for qualified orders. Kimpex Canada does also stock many dealerships so be sure to check out and support local first as they may have items in-stock.

#6 - Amazon Canada

Amazon has riding jacket options at all price points. Be sure to do your due diligence before buying as quality is always a concern when it comes to your safety and comfort. This link will look at 4 star or higher rated only and ALWAYS read reviews when buying from Amazon.